SALT & Camp

May has always been a favorite month.  As a child, I remember the May Day celebration at my elementary school and getting old enough to participate in the may pole dance.  We each had a streamer and there was a dance to music as we circled the may pole and wove the streamers around it.

For Kentucky WMU, May is our month to provide WMU SALT, State Associational Leadership Training.  On Saturday, May 15, associational WMU leaders are invited to the Kentucky Baptist Building for a day of conferences.  This year, associational leaders will be introduced to our new theme for 2010-12, Unhindered! and will learn about our new Project HELP emphasis on Human Exploitation.  Associational leaders will focus on their roles in their association and how to enhance WMU work in the association and churches.  If you are an associational WMU leader, it’s not too late to register.  The registration fee includes lunch and special resources for you as an associational WMU leader.  Visit the SALT page ( on the Kentucky WMU web site for more information and a registration form.

May is also time to get registered for camp.  Kentucky WMU offers Missions Adventure camps at Cedar Crest starting June 14.  We have two GA weeks, two mother/daughter overnights, an Acteens Overnight, and two Express Camps that are coed.  Learn more at  Cedar Crest is located on the grounds of Cedarmore, just outside of Bagdad, Kentucky in Shelby County.

We also offer three overnights at Jonathan Creek in Western Kentucky.  On June 25-26 we will have a Mother/Daughter Overnight, GA Overnight, and Acteens Splash.  It’s a great weekend to bring girls, moms, and leaders together for missions experiences and lots of fun.  Learn more at

Here’s a May missions idea from Eastern Kentucky:  Hold a birthday party for all the Kentucky missionaries in your area.  We have over 120 MSC missionaries serving in our state, in addition to a number of career missionaries.  Find out who serves in your area and have an associational or regional event in their honor.  I will be attending a “Happy Birthday Missionary Party” in Hazard on May 1st.  WMU of Three Forks Baptist Association is hosting this event to honor the missionaries and their families.  This is a great idea and I hope others will do an annual party in their area.

Wishing you lots of May flowers.  Joy

Pat’s Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

During her term as president, Pat has concluded each meeting with a wrap-up of what we have heard and experienced.  Here is Pat’s summation of our 2010 Annual Meeting.

Thinking back over the last couple of days, I am remembering:

We focused on Called to Love – Learn and pray for missions
What a beautiful sight – the flags coming in as we sang “We a Story to Tell to the Nations”
Mission education works – Acteens prayerwalking a mosque.
He put the Koran down and hasn’t looked back.
Great hospitality from the Westport Road folks – thank you.
Bertha telling us “My heart belongs to Jesus but my money belongs to WMU”!
Is WMU in your will?
Karen told us about Rosa’s depression.  Then she met Jesus.  She said “I don’t need pills – God changed my life.”
Won’t you adopt and pray for one of the 42 hills in a city in Chile?
How cool – a missionary praying for missionaries.
22 years of Christmas gifts from KY WMU.
Did you notice the gifts are used mostly for their ministries?  Not for themselves.
Even in Kenya, take-out pizza and hot dogs when mom is out of town.
How would you like to buy 5000 pairs of school shoes?
Every 3.6 seconds someone dies from hunger.
Thank you KY Baptist  – 9,650 buckets for Haiti Relief.
The piano music – heavenly! Thanks David.
Roxanne singing – especially “You’re the Only Jesus” – inspiring

Called to love – support missions
Kaye told us about her Daddy doing surgery under a mosquito net.
An answer to prayer – the X-ray machine named Lottie.
$1,204,763.  for Eliza – we need to think about her being a multi-millionaire!
Happy Birthday Tim.
The deaf are the most unreached people group.
There are 80,000 deaf in Kentucky.
Joy is worried about the lack of mission education in our churches – we should be too.
Goodbye to some board members – a hardy welcome to new ones.
Thanks, Cheryl for the minutes!
I am so proud – my twin is the new President!
Cathy challenged us to teach missions in our churches.  The next Lottie, Annie or Eliza could be in our group!
Glenda still smiling after 10 years.
Joy still going and going after 10 years!
Children and missions – Brenda’s passions – used for 27 plus years for KY WMU.
Was she telling us her retirement was biblical?
Brenda says “I’ll do my best everyday for Jesus’ sake”.
Sock it to Louisville was a great success.

Called to Love – Grow spiritually towards a missions lifestyle.
Kaye says a missions lifestyle was modeled in my life everyday – my daddy carrying a 14 year old boy with leprosy to the clinic.
Can’t you see those little girls with paraffin all over their arms and legs?
My leper friend and I gave our hearts to Jesus at the same time.
Cooperative Program – we can do more together than alone.
Rectangular money goes further than round money – the wisdom of a 3 year old – works for the Cooperative Program too!
Missionaries are still being called at GA camp.
In a Last Frontier Country – no heat in the home – 20 degrees – coat for a child – bought by a missionary Christmas gift.
“I heard – I want to believe” said a 103 year old man.
Baptism in a bathtub?
Roxanne reminded us we are a part of what this Last Frontier representative is doing.
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms – in Korean – beautiful.
To show the Korean’s appreciation for our partnership, Sook Jae gave us a gift from the heart!
To show KY WMU’s appreciation for our partnership, a gift to an endowment in honor of Sook Jae.

Called to Love – participate in the work of the church and denomination
My chains are gone – Amazing Grace.
Water buffalo in the manger?
Children proclaiming Jesus Christ – 16 Buddhist men were saved.
Who’s going to fill your shoes.
Trinity and Gabrielle – future leaders.
I could tell you weren’t from here!
The love of God constrains us.
Road paved with garbage.
He’s at work…not us!
Prayer, love and support sent us  –  prayer, love and support keeps us there.
Linda said “thanks WMU for supporting us and our kids.
5 nationally recognized Acteens
Brandie and Savannah  –  ROCK!!
I was a worm – now I’m a butterfly.
Ministry bus tour – about 170 of you!
About 600 of us.
Best DOM’s in the state.
More of Eileen’s faith…
Can’t keep my mouth shut.
“Find It Here”  –  2,782 decisions
Please come see me – don’t know if I can hold on much longer.
“Jesus left something on our front door.”
Even a missionary kid from Africa is learning about basketball rivalry.
“My heart is African.  I miss my home.”
See you in Bowling Green – March 25-26.

Called to Love: The 2010 Kentucky WMU Annual Meeting

The Kentucky WMU Annual Meeting is just a few days away.  It is not too late to make plans to come and the program will be worth the trip!  Annual Meeting is Friday and Saturday, April 9-10 and no preregistration is required to attend.  (Boxed lunches do require advance purchase, but there are often extras or just bring a sack lunch along!)  

The meeting starts Friday morning at 10, but you will want to arrive around 9 a.m. to register, visit the displays and bookstores, and participate in our Annual Meeting ministry project.  Carol Russ has organized a fantastic opportunity to make cards to be used in a number of local ministries.  All the supplies will be on hand.  You just need to stop by and make a card or two or more.  You are also invited to participate in our “Sock It to Louisville” ministry project by bringing new socks and underwear for men, women, boys, and girls to be divided between three ministry sites: Jefferson Street Baptist Center, Churchill Downs Backside Ministries, and Baptist Fellowship Center.

We are honored to have Kaye Miller, national WMU president and author of Called to Love, with us to bring a theme interpretation in each session. You will want to hear Kaye tell stories from her experiences as a missionary kid that challenge us to love God and love others.  Roxanne Nanney and David Headley will lead in music during each session.  Interpretation for the deaf and preschool child care will be provided in all sessions.

We will begin the Friday morning session with a parade of flags which is always moving as we sing “We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations.”  During the session Karen Wright will share her call to Chile. Karen has been with us before and you will want to see her again.  If you have filled a bucket for Africa or Haiti, you will want to hear Susan Hatfield’s update on the work of Baptist Global Response.  On Friday afternoon, Kentucky missionary Tim Bender will share his work among the deaf. We will elect officers and honor Brenda Price upon her retirement from Kentucky WMU.

From 3:00 – 5:30 p.m. you will have much to choose from.  There will be seven conferences at the church from 3:00-4:00 p.m. We will also be having Open House and a Reception for Kaye Miller and Brenda Price at the KBC building from 3:00 – 5:30 p.m.   Missionary Parents will gather at 4 p.m. at the KBC building. (The KBC building is just 5 miles from Westport Road and it will be easy for you to get from one site to the other.)

On Friday evening, we begin at 6:45 p.m. with a concert by the Westport Road Boys. In the session, Dr. Billy Compton will bring greetings from the Kentucky Baptist Convention and focus our attention on the importance of the Cooperative Program in all of our work.  A Last Frontier representative will share her work in Asia. New Life Korean Ladies Choir will sing, and Sook Jae Lee, executive director of Korea WMU, will speak about our partnership.

Saturday morning will include another opportunity to make cards before and after the session.  In addition to Kaye, our Saturday speakers include David and Linda Jackson from West Africa, Larry Baker reporting on “Find it Here,” and Larry Martin, Pat Day, and LaRaine Rice sharing about the upcoming ministries during the World Equestrian Games. Marvelous Grace, a ladies ensemble from Westport Road, will provide special music.

We will honor Pat Reaves during a Heritage Fund luncheon on Friday. Pat concludes her term as president at this meeting and you will want to thank Pat for the great job she has done for the past four years. You will also want to be present as we elect our next Kentucky WMU president and Executive Board.

For more information about Annual Meeting, go to I hope to see you there!