Informal Survey

Because of my role in Kentucky, people often come to talk to me about WMU in their church or association. Sometimes the stories are wonderful and they just want me to know.  Some are heartbreaking and they want me to give them a solution.  In the last week or so, I’ve experienced both of those extremes in several different conversations.

Saturday night I attended a Missionary Birthday Party celebration sponsored by Three Forks Association WMU.  It was a phenomenal event complete with wonderful decorations, gifts, a great meal, fun program, and wonderful affirmation of our missionaries in Eastern Kentucky.  Any number of people thanked the WMU and spoke highly of how valuable their work was.  One pastor’s wife came up to talk about starting WMU in her church.

Yet a week earlier at another associational WMU event, a WMU member came to tell me about the state of WMU in her church where her new pastor had declared “there will be no WMU in this church.”  

While we in WMU must acknowledge that our ranks are not as strong as they once were, and many churches have been doing other programs for children and youth, we have not quit supporting and doing missions.  With all the talk about the need for a Great Commission Resurgence, some of us are sorely tempted to say to those who quit doing missions education and are now calling for it once again in the SBC, “We told you so.”  WMU still is the leader in supporting, teaching, and doing missions.  We have great resources.  But we do need a missions education resurgence in our churches.

So, I want to conduct an informal survey.  Here are my questions:
1. What is the state of WMU and Baptist Men on Mission in your church?  (Include churchwide and age-level organizations – Mission Friends, Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, Children in Action, Acteens, Challengers, Youth on Mission, Women on Mission, Baptist Men on Mission, Adults on Mission.  By churchwide, we mean the things that WMU does to promote missions in general, the offerings, etc.)
2. Does WMU receive the support of your pastor and church staff?  Explain.
3. What would you like to do in your church to provide greater support and involvement in the Great Commission?

Please reply to:  [email protected]   Please include your name, church, and town.  Send this blog to others.  As many responses as possible will be helpful.  

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