Every time someone in my family goes to the hospital, even just for a test, we are asked “Do you have a living will?”  This document outlines a person’s wishes should he or she become unable to make medical decisions.  Such a document takes forethought.

This past year, the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, and the Eliza Broadus Offering received significant estate gifts.  They came from people who were never considered wealthy during their lifetimes, but had earned ordinary incomes.  Like most of us, their assets were in things they owned like a house, car, insurance policies, and retirement accounts.  But these individuals gave forethought to what would become of these things and planned for their use to benefit missions.

Planning for how we will care for family members, the disposal of assets, and many more important decisions are often put off until it is too late.  Many families have had to deal with the lack of forethought by a loved one.  None of us really wants to leave our families in a quandry but without forethought, it is a high probability.

To help you think through important issues and gather helpful resources, Kentucky WMU is partnering with the Kentucky Baptist Foundation to offer a Forethought Workshop on Saturday morning, June 5, with the theme of “Taking Care of Tomorrow Today.”

The conference fee of $5.00 includes snacks and materials. Each participant who preregisters will receive a free copy of Because I Love You Family Organizer, a valuable resource booklet for you, loved ones, and aging parents.  Just the booklet is a $10 value, which makes the conference fee of $5.00 a great bargain! So preregister now to reserve your copy.  Registrations at the door are also welcome.

To learn more about the conference schedule, and download a promotional flyer, go to  To preregister, simply call or email Kentucky WMU.   Phone: 502–489-3534 or 866-489-3534.  Email: [email protected]  

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