Missions is More than Collections

I attended a listening session on Monday evening for the Kentucky Great Commission Task Force.  We were gathered to allow anyone who had questions or comments about the work of the Kentucky Task Force to do so. One pastor commented that he wanted his church to learn that missions was more than collecting things.

Right on.  Collections are an important thing for us to do, but they are a first step to missions involvement, like unto the spiritual milk referenced in Hebrews 5:12-14.  If collections are coupled with action and involvement, they are an awesome way to involve people in missions.  But if a collection of items is the limit of our missions involvement, we are missing what God would have each of us to do.

The best collection projects are ones where the church learns about a need, collects the items, then sends a team to deliver them in person and interact with those who are touched through the ministry.  In addition, the best collection projects include prayer for those who will receive the items and continued prayer for the ministry after the items are sent or delivered.  It a team can deliver the items in person, then report back to the church about the ministry and how the items were used, the project will have more meaning. If the report includes how the church can continue to be involved with the ministry, this will take the collection project to the next level.

Certainly there are collection projects where our personal involvement may not be possible, such as the buckets for Haiti or Africa.  But what is possible is for us to be in touch with missionaries or other personnel where the items are being used and report back frequently to our churches.  If we can show pictures, share stories of lives being touched, and continue in prayer for the ministry, then this is a way to make the collection more than just collecting.

Let me share an opportunity where you can collect AND participate.  Tates Creek Baptist Church (TCBC) is having a Community Health Fair on July 30th.  They are collecting hygiene items (travel size) such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, wash cloth, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.   Marilyn Creighton, an MSC missionary serving with TCBC, has invited anyone who would like to collect items to do so and bring them to World Missions Unlimited, our state WMU training event at FBC Richmond, on July 16-17.

But Marilyn is also looking for volunteers. First to help with a sports camp, July 12-16.  They will have classes for all ages and are searching for a team to come help lead.  Plans are to hold the sports camp from 6-8:30 p.m. each evening.  Housing and meals will be provided by the church. For the Community Health Fair, medical personnel are needed to assist EKU personnel and student nurses who are heading up the 12 stations at the clinic. The health fair is strictly educational, but help is welcomed.  In addition, various forms of entertainment are needed during the day. If you would like to assist, contact Marilyn Creighton at 859-948-2357 or email: [email protected].

Learn about additional missions opportunities across Kentucky at www.kybaptist.org.  See the box that says “Latest Missions.” Click on anything listed in the box, or click the button at the bottom that says “View all opportunities.”  Also, Teresa Parrett, KBC Missions Mobilization Consultant will be happy to match you with a need.  Her job is to match requests for missions volunteers with people who want to volunteer.  Email Teresa at [email protected].  She would love to hear from you.  She can help you and your church take collecting things for missions to the next level!

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