Moving On

 Technology is a constantly evolving commodity. It has new twists and options daily. While I have embraced many of the “bells and whistles,” I have been slower on some others. The technology supporting my blog has changed and with some anxiety, I have been persuaded to move the blog to a Word Press format.The blog will be hosted on the KBC server and will be similar to the previous one. Brenda Smith, KBC webmaster, has designed a new look, including an updated picture!

If you are currently a subscriber to this blog and receive it by email, your email subscription has been being transferred to the new site. If you are new to my blog, I invite you to visit the new site and subscribe to receive it by email or RSS reader.  Everyone can access my blog directly at  I hope that you will stay on as a reader and spread the word. 

Meanwhile, be sure to subscribe to our other Word Press blog, Kentucky WMU News.  You will find it at:

Sometimes life calls for moving on.  Here’s to moving!

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