Praying for Kentucky

During the recent KBC Pastor’s Conference, the introduction to the 2010 state missions video “Why” was shown because it emphasizes the lostness of Kentucky. During the  Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting, the “Why Learn” segment was shown demonstrating that teaching children can help us reach lost families in addition to passing on our passion for fulfilling the Great Commission.

As I reflected again on the important message of the 2010 state missions materials, I came home with a renewed commitment to continue praying for the eight prayer requests included on our 2010 state missions prayer guide.  I would like to challenge every Kentucky Baptist to keep praying for these requests throughout the year. Put this list with your Bible and daily prayer time materials.  I believe that if we pray all year for lost people in Kentucky, we will see God do amazing things in response.

The prayer requests are based on Romans 10:5-15.  By reading the verses noted for each day’s request, you will see the connection between the verse and the prayer request.

Sunday – Romans 10:5-8
There is an urgent need to share the gospel in Kentucky. On any given Sunday, only about 12.1% of our population will attend church.  Pray for the lost in your community. Pray for pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and all who preach the gospel.

Monday – Romans 10:9
Pray that the lost will understand the truth of Roman’s 10:9.  Pray for an opportunity to share this verse with a  lost person today. Pray for expanded missions education with preschoolers, children, and youth in our churches and for their understanding of the Great Commission.

Tuesday – Romans 10:10
Pray for ministries among international students attending college in Kentucky. Many are hearing the gospel for the first time through Baptist Campus Ministry. Pray that they will understand their need for salvation and confess Christ as Lord.

Wednesday – Romans 10:11
Pray that Kentucky Baptists will be bold in sharing the gospel. Pray that we will not be ashamed to proclaim our faith in Christ.  Pray that “Find It Here!” will continue in 2011 through prayer and scripture distribution.

Thursday – Romans 10:12
(Note: This is an updated prayer request since the World Equestrian Games have taken place.)  Pray for the many visitors who heard the gospel through Affiliated International Ministries (AIM) during the World Equestrian Games held in Kentucky.  Pray for continued opportunities for AIM to share Christ through equestrian events.

Friday – Romans 10:13
Pray for a lost person by name. Pray that today lost people in Kentucky will call on the name of the Lord for salvation. Pray for an opportunity to witness today.

Saturday – Romans 10:14
Pray for Kentucky missionaries and missions volunteers.  Pray that more people will participate in mission trips and other projects to share the gospel. Pray about your own involvement in Kentucky missions.

Sunday – Romans 10:15
Pray for every Kentucky Baptist to participate in evangelism training this year. Pray that we will faithfully witness to the lost and bring the good news of Jesus to neighbors, friends, family members, and others in our communities.  Pray that Kentucky Baptists will give generously to the Eliza Broadus Offering and provide abundant financial resources for Kentucky ministries.

These are prayer requests for the year, not just a week in September.  As Dr. Kevin Smith said in the state missions video, Jesus looked at the lostness of Jerusalem and wept.  Will you join us in crying out to the Lord for Kentucky?

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