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Last year, when the 2009-10 Eliza Broadus Offering, exceeded the goal by over $168,000, we wondered just what God was up to.  Of that overage, $100,000 was invested in Find It Here, $15,000 in a new Disaster Relief Shower Unit, $12,000 in other Disaster Relief expenses, $4,500 in a church plant in Whitley County, $2,000 in R/6 ministries, and $35,000 in The M?ze evangelistic outreach.

The M?ze is presented by Jim Munroe, a magician who has presented the gospel all over the United States to youth groups and on college campuses.  Through illusions that challenge people to think about the possibilities inherent in being wrong about what they perceive as being true, Munroe shares the truth of the gospel.  The presentations are even more compelling as he tells his own testimony of having a rare form of cancer and receiving a bone marrow transplant that saved his life.  Munroe makes the connection between his personal story and the gospel.

The attendance and the number of students who have made decisions for Christ has been amazing. 
9/13 – Murray State University – Attendance 275 with 53 decisions
9/14 – Hopkinsville – Attendance 751 with 184 decisions
9/21 – Corbin – Attendance 385 with 39 decisions
9/22 – University of the Cumberlands – Attendance 450+ with 69 decisions
9/28 – Frankfort – Attendance 375 with 151 decisions
9/29 – Campbellsville – Attendance 1000+ with 172 decisions

Ed Pavy, Campus Minister at Campbellsville University, sent this note about the experience there:
     Yesterday was a great day for CU.  Jim Munroe and his crew arrived right on time, were very friendly and were easy to work with.  We utilized his street magic abilities in our dining hall during the busiest rush, with our football team as they prepared for practice, and with our marching band before their afternoon rehearsal. 
      (Side note:  While my conversations with Heather – the Nashville contact for the M?ze – included my plans to have Jim speak with the football team at 3:15 and the band at 3:55, he didn’t know these two appearances were coming.  He mentioned that he will typically ask to be free from on-campus appearances by 1:30 p.m.  However, once I told him I had already arranged the meetings Jim was more than happy to comply.) 
      Our show was scheduled to begin at 8:30 last night.  We had students waiting at the doors at 6:45 to get in!  Our venue, the Ransdell Chapel, seats around 800.  We set up extra chairs, had people standing all around the place and estimate that our crowd last night was 900+.  The show was simply…amazing.  (you all knew I couldn’t resist!)  Jim’s connection with the crowd was instantaneous.  His production was flawless, unique and very VERY entertaining!  The way Jim uses his personal story as a backdrop to incorporate his beliefs about the act he is performing as contrasted to the Truth he puts his faith in is just excellent.  We all know the message.  His communication of it is personal, powerful, and effective.  After we had collected the response forms our Prayer/Usher team counted 172 professions of faith by CU students.  What an impact for the kingdom!  
     Various council members headed up committees.  All council members served on two committees because all are on the follow-up committee.  So our task now is to get with these 172 and do it as soon as possible.   God is good and powerful.  Now we are to be faithful disciplers of new brothers and sisters in Christ.  I guess we’ll soon see where our BCM’ers test out on the maturity scale!

The M?ze will be presented on Oct. 4 at Eastern Kentucky University and a spring date for Western Kentucky is being worked out.  Thank you, Kentucky Baptists, for your faithful giving to the Eliza Broadus Offering.  Even after we close out an offering year and start another, the results from prior year giving keeps having an impact. 

Please give generously to the 2011-12 Eliza Broadus Offering and pray for the ministries across our state that receive funding.  Learn more about EBO at:


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