Thank you, WMU Volunteers!

Today we hosted our annual WMU Volunteer Luncheon to say thank you to the volunteers who help in our office.  If you have ever received a Lottie Moon Christmas Offering envelope, Week of Prayer guide, or other mailing from our office, you have benefitted from the work of WMU volunteers.

Amanda-Grace Richey joined our staff a year ago when Glenda Triplett retired.  Glenda trained Amanda-Grace well in preparing mailings and in working with our volunteers.  Today Glenda and her husband, Gary, were among our volunteers who were honored at the luncheon.  Glenda was most proud of Amanda-Grace and the job she has done this year.

Amanda-Grace planned today’s luncheon, including the program.  She enlisted her sister, Rebecca-Faith, an accomplished violinist, and her mom, Kristie, accompanying on the piano, to provide beautiful music as we ate lunch.  Amanda-Grace had written three skits that were performed by our staff and showed a side of them that most people never see.  Through humor and laughter, Amanda-Grace conveyed how much we appreciate our volunteers.

The program concluded with Amanda-Grace accompanying herself on the guitar as she sang a Kentucky WMU Volunteers version of the Ray Boltz song, “Thank You.”  Here are her words:

I went into the workroom And you were there with me;
It was filled with boxes Far as the eye could see.
I turned to tell you, “Thank you! Your help me out so much!”
When a young woman ran into the room – One of the many lives you touched.
She said, “My GA leader got a poster in a packet you had sent.”
It was for Missions Camp and that summer we went.
There I first accepted Jesus, And I heard a missions call.
Because you mailed those posters, I’m sharing in Nepal!”

Thank you, volunteers of WMU.
I am a life that was changed.
Thank you, volunteers of WMU.
I am so glad you came.

Then a man said, “There is this little church One Sunday, we were there.
My wife found a prayer guide That you had packed with care.
The stories moved us so deeply; We gave what we could give.
Because you filled that order We’re living how we’re meant to live!”

Thank you, volunteers of WMU.
I am a life that was changed.
Thank you, volunteers of WMU.
I am so glad you came.

And the people just kept coming With stories for you to hear.
Each life somehow touched By the work that you do here.
Through wind and rain and weather Our mailings must go through;
In my short time here I’ve leared That they wouldn’t without you!

It’s not enough, no matter how we try To express our gratitude
For all the lives you’ve touched And all the things you do.
But someday in heaven,
When you stand before the Lord.
He’ll say, “Child, look around you.
Great is your reward.”

Thank you, volunteers of WMU.
I am a life that was changed.
Thank you, volunteers of WMU.
I am so glad you came.
I am so glad you came.

We are so glad that WMU volunteers come to our office to fill orders, pack mailings, and do other needed tasks.  As our Office Assistant/Data Specialist, Amanda-Grace is grateful for the help, but the gratitude goes much farther as she sang today.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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