Focus on WMU in Shelby Baptist Association

On Saturday, Feb. 18, I participated in the Shelby Baptist Association Focus on WMU brunch.  I always enjoy seeing the WMUers from the churches in Shelby County.  Several have been on our Kentucky WMU Executive Board at various times.  Others are volunteers in our office.

Betty Montford, Association WMU director, did a great job of planning the program.  Shirley Ragan shared about the ministry at the Whitney Young Job Corps Center. Amanda Grace Richey presented two stories of changed lives through World Crafts, a ministry of WMU.  There was a matching puzzle to see how much we knew about WMU.  And involving about 20 people, was a presentation on our theme, Unhindered.

Betty assigned ten people each of the letters in Unhindered, and asked them to prepare a skit, song, poem, or other presentation of what that letter meant related to our theme.  Those ten enlisted others and each presentation included words that began with the assigned letter and interpreted unhindered.  The first group did a skit about the excuses we make, claiming we are unable, then reminded us of our scripture verse and how we are to throw off those things and be unhindered.  The second group did a skit about meeting needs.  Next was a cheering group of children reminding us that it takes heart to be unhindered.  And so it went with various presentations.  One speaker challenged us just to do what was needed. One skit was wordless – a series of signs as music played telling the story of someone who had been touched by the empathy of WMU to meet her need and care for her.  

Shelby WMU also took up an offering for the Eliza Broadus offering and raised over $400.  Thank you, Shelby Association WMU!

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