State Missions Update

On August 31 we will close the books on the 2011-12 Eliza Broadus Offering.  It has been a good year, exceeding the 2010-11 offering by over $70,000.  Our total to date is $1,140,896.64.   Our highest EBO ever was 2009-10 when $1,268,410.32 was given. That year our offering total included an estate gift of of $121,550.  I point this out as a reminder that it makes a great impact when we include the Lord’s work in the way our assets are distributed. Thank you Kentucky Baptists for your faithful giving this year. 

The 2011-12 offering included a $500 grant to all 70 Kentucky Baptist Associations. The ministries funded are exciting.  In many cases EBO grants were added to funds provided by the association, making even more possible. Here are just a few of the reports:

  • Nelson Associational spent the funds on several community events to promote a new church plant.
  • Liberty Association purchase a Disaster Relief Laundry Unit.
  • Boone’s Creek Association bought 150 Bibles to give children who attended camp.
  • Henry County Association used the funds for a county-wide direct mailing about upcoming Vacation Bible School programs in an effort to be sure that every household knew about VBS opportunities.
  • Bell Association used their grant for food and home repair ministries.
  • Ohio Valley Association hosted a county-wide prayer conference with Jennifer Kennedy Dean as guest speaker.
  • Bracken Association used their EBO grant to host an evangelistic block party (utilizing the Block Party Trailer from Warren Association, purchased several years ago utilizing EBO funds).
  • Ten Mile Association provided Bibles for Kentucky Raceway Ministry.
  • White’s Run Association reported 11 professions of faith following their “Truth Jubilee” evangelistic event.
  • Anderson Association used their $500 for Kentucky Changers.
  • New River McCreary Baptist Association hosted a Gospel Singing Event as a way to introduce their community to the new Appalachian Ministry Center.

Our 2012 state missions theme is Bold Hope and the offering year begins on September 1. This year’s materials feature eight ministries which give hope to people who desperately need to know the hope we have in Christ. You can read about these ministries in the State Missions Special Edition which will be included as an insert to the Western Recorder on September 4. Use it as a guide to pray for missions in Kentucky. Let the stories inspire your giving to the Eliza Broadus Offering. 

A Bold Hope Promotional Booklet and DVD was sent to pastors and WMU directors this summer.  Orders for posters, prayer guides, and offering envelopes were mailed in August.  If your church needs any of the state missions materials, please email:  [email protected].  The DVD includes eight videos as well as print materials such as the Master Article, teaching plans, and promotional ideas.  All materials are also posted on our web site.  For more information go to:

It Takes Courage

New ventures take courage.  The Lord knows this and tells us often in His Word to “be strong and courageous.”  WMU began a new venture last year and we are excited at the unfolding results.

It took courage for national WMU to welcome Royal Ambassadors and Challengers back to WMU.  WMU was thrilled to have these organizations for boys once again, but it took courage to start new publications for them that WMU would be responsible for.  National WMU receives no Cooperative Program funds, so subcriptions to missions publications are vital to cover production expenses.  Steve Heartsill, a grown up RA, is the managing editor for all RA and Challengers curriculum and products.  This includes RA Leader, RA World, and the Challengers Leader Plan Book. 

It took courage for Jon Auten to leave his position as a pastor and come to work for Kentucky WMU.  Jon has been on our staff for just over a year. He is a brave man to come work in our office.  He and his wife, Misty, and their daughters, have become beloved members of the Kentucky WMU family.  Misty and the girls are frequent volunteers in our office.  Jon has done an outstanding job of getting to know RA and Challenger leaders, relating to pastors and youth ministers, leading training conferences, and planning events.  Jon learned quickly that not only was he responsible for a state RA camp out, but we needed his help with the boys activities during our weeks of camp.  Jon also helped regional RA Congress events get organized this past spring.

The annual Courage event for Royal Ambassadors, Challengers, dads,  and leaders was held August 3-4 at Laurel Lake Baptist Camp in Corbin.    Bo Warren and his band provided music.   John Bennett talked with the boys about becoming a Christian in the Friday evening session, as did Steve Heartsill during the campfire sharing time.  On Saturday, Acts 1:8 team members Caleb Hetrick and Leah Stroupe shared their missions experiences in Haiti.  The event also included RA racers, knot tying, sawing  and missions shoot out competitions.  Archery, horse back riding, walking a rope bridge, using a compass, making a survivor rope wrist band, and swimming were among the other activities.

It takes courage for leaders to bring a group of active boys and spend a weekend with them.  There were also two ladies in the group who help with RAs in their church.  That took courage for them to come!  

It takes courage to reshape something familiar into something new.  Thank you to RA and Challenger leaders who have faithfully mentored boys across the years.  Thank you for supporting WMU as we launch this new venture.  Thanks to WMU leaders who are learning about the new WMU options and resources for boys and are taking courageous steps to start, re-start, or strengthen missions discipleship for boys through RAs and Challengers.

It does take courage!

Pictures from Courage 2012 are posted on the Kentucky Baptist Royal Ambassadors Facebook page (