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Using the theme Bold Hope, the 2012 Season of Prayer for State Missions and Eliza Broadus Offering got underway on September 1.  Many churches have put up the Bold Hope posters and will use the prayer guides during the week of September 9-16.  I am grateful to the WMU director in my church who has already started our state missions promotion. An offering visual of a closed door was on the platform today.  As we give to the offering this month, the door will begin to open, being wide open when we reach our offering goal.

The 2012 Bold Hope videos are getting attention.  In response to the “In Deep” video about ministry at the Rockcastle County Jail, one person wrote a message to B.J. Bradley who leads this ministry: 
      BJ~Although you do not know me we share a mutual friendship with Jessie Weaver.  In September 2009 I volunteered and ministered at the Christian Appalacian Project Women’s In-Patient Rehab where Jessie graduated from. I just left her house in Kentucky a little over 24 hours ago as I live in Michigan.  I want you to know that Faithful is He whose desire is to continue to heal the brokenhearted through you.
Please know that I am and will continue to pray for you.  I am a mental health therapist in the most violent city in America and that is Flint, Michigan’s jail. I see the love of God cherished and embraced in the hearts of men and women at this jail. Please be praying for me as I pray for you. Thanking God for His will in ALL of our lives.  Mary Jo Danyluk, MAC, LLPC

 The 2012 DVD includes eight videos. Four are about 3-minutes in length and were designed for this year’s emphasis.  We encourage you to use these videos in Sunday morning services.  There are four additional videos of various lengths that would be great to use in other settings.  Links to all of the videos and print materials are posted on our web site:

The 2012 Eliza Broadus Offering goal is $1,250,000.  This offering buys ministry supplies, provides fuel for Diaster Relief vehicles, purchases Bibles and evangelistic materials, provides resources for outreach to college students, and much more.   For offering information:

Eliza Broadus, a leader of Kentucky WMU work from its beginning in 1878, encouraged Kentucky WMU to establish a state missions offering starting in 1913.  In 1975, Kentucky WMU voted to name the state missions offering in her honor starting in 1976.   

Join us in giving Bold Hope to lost people in Kentucky as we pray and give with boldness.


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Joy Bolton is a life-long WMUer! Through Woman's Missionary Union, Joy has has served as a church, association, and state leader. She has coordinated many international missions teams and is available as a conference leader, speaker, Bible study leader. Joy is now retired and lives in Summerville, SC.