Historic Kentucky WMU Executive Board Meeting

With little fanfare, Kentucky WMU made a historic decision at our 2012 Annual Meeting to amend our Bylaws to include a representative of Royal Ambassadors / Challengers on our Executive Board.  To be appointed by the president, this  new  position opened the way to have a man serve as a member of our Executive Board.

Rick Gastineau accepted the invitation to join our Board and his name was included on the list of Board members listed in the Nominating Committee Report.  Rick joined Jon Auten, our missions consultant for RAs and Challengers, as our two “Wise Men”  (as in WMU stands for Wise Men Understand).  What a welcome addition both of these gentlemen have been to our work.

This past weekend, Rick attended his first Kentucky WMU Executive Board meeting  and what a great time we had.  The ladies welcomed Rick gladly and Jon was happy to have the company. In addition, Rick brought the Pit Stop Challenge for us to see. This is a car which was originally built as an activity for RAs.  However, it has grown in popularity and is now used in many settings as a witnessing tool.  EBO funds have helped to provide tracts and Bibles to be given out when the Pit Stop Challenge is used at block parties, raceway ministries, etc.

One of the most touching moments during the Executive Board meeting took place when our president, Linda Cooper, read for the Board a note that Rick had handed to me earlier. 

“Many years ago Randall Rogers path crossed my path and he became my mentor in missions education. He and I traveled the roads of Kentucky promoting Royal Ambassadors. About 10 years ago in a motel room, we were planning the next day’s training, and he told me, “Rick, someday the WMU will assume responsibility of RAs. It will be a good thing. I may not get to see it, but if you do, I want you to walk with them.” He was correct that he did not get to see the change.  In memory of my good friend, I want to say it has been a good change for Royal Ambassadors. The staff and workers have continued the vision of Randall Rogers, Calvin Fields, and a host of other heroes from the past. Thank you and keep doing what you are doing. I am humbled to be part of such a great organizations and the women and men involved.  Rick Gastineau

What a confirmation of not only the decision for WMU to once again take responsibility for boys missions education through Royal Ambassadors and Challengers, but also for the exact person selected to be the first representative on our Kentucky WMU Executive Board.  Randall is rejoicing in heaven and we are rejoicing here at the fulfillment of his dream that none of us knew about when we asked Rick to serve. 

The Kentucky WMU Executive Board is a tremendous group, dedicated to the vision of WMU to challenge Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God.  They oversee our work, providing valuable insights and encouragement to our staff.  The board is comprised of 30 people with three represenatives from each of the eight regions of the KBC (24), three officers (president, vice president, recording secretary) plus the Kentucky BNF President, Development Specialist, and the RA/Challengers representative.  We are grateful for the time and service they give.  And we are thrilled to have experienced our first Executive Board meeting with Rick on our team!

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6 thoughts on “Historic Kentucky WMU Executive Board Meeting

  1. Rick is a great addition to the KY WMU Executive Board. His commitment to missions and to Royal Ambassadors is impressive.

  2. So thankful for those two “wise men”. Grateful for the staff and board that met this weekend. I know great things were accomplished!

  3. What a blessing to know RAs lives on through our men and that men are committed
    and willing to serve on the WMU Executive Board!

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