Prayer Letter from Malawi

This past summer, a WMU team from Kentucky spent a week in Malawi as the faculty for a week of training for seminary wives.  Our missionary hosts, Mary and Jeff Polglase, sent the following prayer letter and said that I could share it with you.  As we observe this week of prayer for international missions, pray for these missionaries and the work in Malawi.

This is the time of year, in Southern Baptist churches, when the Lottie Moon Christmas offering is taken.  It is named after a young woman who was a missionary in China in the late 1800s.  She gave her life as a missionary.  Every penny given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is used to help support almost 5,000 Southern Baptist missionaries serving overseas.  Last year, more than 2.2 million people got to hear the Gospel from missionaries like us and our national partners.   Please prayerfully consider giving to this offering so that missionaries can continue going and serving the Lord all over the world.  I know that times are tough, but whatever you can give, will be used as effectively as possible.  **

Prayer Requests:

LITERACY:  Please pray for Mary as she focuses on different characters in the Christmas story.    Please pray that as the students hear these stories during this month, God would give them discernment and a longing to know Him more deeply.

PREACHING:   Jeff is often given the opportunity to preach.   Pray that the Holy Spirit would guide Jeff as he studies and prepares to share God’s Word.  Pray that God would give understanding to those who hear so that they would be strengthened in their faith.

SEMINARY:  From December 10-14, wives of seminary students will be coming from all over Malawi to attend a week long course designed just for them.  Pray for safety as they travel.  Pray for good health for the week. Pray that the women will leave at the end of the week encouraged and blessed by what they have heard and the fellowship they have experienced.

In these prayer letters I try to share about Malawian Baptists and today I want to introduce someone I have recently gotten to know through teaching literacy.  This man, Jehoshaphat, is one of the leaders of the little church where our class meets.  He is full of energy and enthusiasm.  He is focused on helping his church grow and also starting other churches in villages where there are none.  When I was recently sick, he rode his bike about 10 miles one way to see me and get the literacy materials that I use so the class could go on.  He comes to every class, even though he can read, but comes to encourage the people from his village.  I love telling Bible stories with him in attendance because he sits there saying the words with me.  He is one of those super encouraging people.  Please pray for Jehoshophat and his family to continue being strong witnesses in their village.  Surrounded by those who live in darkness, who are bound by fear because of cultural beliefs, pray that his household would “shine as lights in the world.”  Finally, pray that God would pour out His wisdom on Jehoshophat as he leads his church and as he cares for his family.  I know he would be thrilled to know that people in a country far away are holding him up in prayer. 

Thank you again for praying for these things and your wonderful support.  It is our prayer that each one of you will have a joyous Christmas season.   May each of us be full of joy and gratitude for Jesus, the Son of God!  “For today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior who is Christ the Lord.”

God Bless,
Mary & Jeff Polglase
IMB Missionaries in Malawi
Box 1001
Lilongwe, Malawi

**  More information about our support:  Here is the amount that is needed to support one family, like us, on the mission field for a year:  $49,800 a year (average)   $4,150 a month  $958 a week   $136 a day  (Reported May 2012. Support includes housing, salary, children’s education, medical expenses, retirement and more.) Thank you!

For more information concerning the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering:


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