Matches made in heaven?

denise1By Denise Gardner

I had a really wonderful experience recently in Bowling Green. I was invited to attend a Sunday evening gathering of Acteens at Calvary Baptist Church. They meet at least monthly and are an active and dedicated group.

The evening was their first of the new church year, which included welcoming new girls to the group. Naturally, several of the girls were “graduating,” so to speak, from Girls in Action. Leaders decided to give the event a Big Sisters/Little Sisters feel by pairing up younger girls with those who have been involved in Acteens for a while. The hope is that the older girls might become spiritual mentors to the younger. (If “spiritual mentors” sounds a bit stuffy, the title “trusted friend” also works.)

I wonder if some of the girls who were paired up with an older Acteen come from families where they are the only child. If so, this will be a very new experience for them. There was so much excitement in the room as the leader, Emily, read the matches from a file on her smart phone.

We know that some of these pairs won’t become BFFs or besties, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if, standing right there in that room, we hadn’t witnessed the start of some friendships that will last for decades, and into eternity.

Now that we are well into the routine of the new school year, I hope you’ve had some time to review the materials I mentioned in the fall edition of Kentucky Notes. As a reminder:

In addition to a Little/Big Sisters match similar to what the Calvary group did, here are some other ideas you might want to try in the coming year:

  • Missions Lock-In Invite a mission speaker and plan several hands-on missions projects.
  • Begin at Home  Load Acteens in the church bus/van and drive the community to learn about local mission sites.
  • School Prayerwalk  Organize your Acteens to prayerwalk local schools.

Don’t forget … National Acteens Panelist applications due to the national WMU office Nov. 1. Download them at or refer to the latest edition of Acteens Leader.

Denise Gardner is Acteens specialist for Kentucky WMU. [email protected]. Kentucky Acteens is on Facebook.

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