Refurbishing the Kentucky Room at National WMU

National WMU is embarking on a huge remodeling project at the national WMU building. Our beautiful WMU home office has been in constant use since it was built in the mid-1980’s. It is time for wall paper to be removed, carpet to be replaced, lighting to be updated, new window treatments added, and much more.  This includes the Kentucky Room.

The Kentucky Room is a conference room at the National WMU Building that was furnished by Kentucky WMU.  Through the years, I have always been proud to visit the Kentucky room whenever I have been at the National WMU building. I always pause in front of the picture of Eliza Broadus and show my respect for our beloved leader. A few years ago a framed print of “My Old Kentucky Home” was added to the artwork in the room, placed there in memory of my mother, Dorothy Luebbert.

But carpets get worn and decorating styles change. With the availability of more efficient lighting and better equipment for conference room use, it is time for an upgrade. Kentucky WMU has committed to cover the cost of the renovations to the Kentucky Room, including some volunteer labor to strip wallpaper and paint.

If you would like to have a part in the Kentucky Room renovation, send your donation to Kentucky WMU. The projected cost for the project is $11,500.  We will keep a list of donors who helped with the renovation of the room. We will continue to be “Kentucky proud” of this room and its importance at the national WMU building.

Beyond the Kentucky Room, renovations are planned building wide. Anyone and everyone is invited to help with the costs of remodeling. Contributions for the building wide project can be made to the WMU Foundation. Building renovation donations will be placed in the Wanda Lee Joy Fund and this will be the funding channel for the building work.

The Southern Baptist Convention will meet in Birmingham in June 2019. We know that many will visit the national WMU building at that time and we want it to be ready for guests. Renovations will  also improve the functionality of the facility for meetings and other events which take place.

Please pray for this project, for Sandy Wisdom-Martin and Linda Cooper as they lead us, and for the national WMU staff as they continue their work in the midst of the renovations. Pray for generous donations and for a renewed excitement about our WMU home.

Jerusalem Prayer Center Trip with Kentucky WMU

Kentucky WMU is planning a trip to the Jerusalem Prayer Center as part of our NAME prayer commitment.

Trip Dates: May 21 – June 1, 2018. 

Tentative Cost: $3800 which includes airfare*, hotels, meals, local transportation, travel insurance**, and project expense.

Trip requires a good bit of walking and stamina. There will be some touring in the Holy Land as part of the experience, but the focus will be on learning about mission work with various NAME people groups and praying for them. The group will do a ministry project (sand and paint shutters, picnic table, and benches) at the Jerusalem Prayer Center.

The following schedule describes what will be done in several day blocks of time. Workers at the Jerusalem Prayer Center will lead the group and make final arrangements for places to visit and the schedule.

Monday, May 21 

Tuesday, May 22
Arrival Tel Aviv. Transport to Jerusalem, check in hotel, orientation

Wednesday, May 23- Friday, May 25
Introduction to JPC; ministry project; 4 corner prayer experience
Silence retreat; Garden Tomb; Hebrew/English worship;
Visit Western Wall as Shabbat begins; Prayerwalking

Saturday, May 26  – Sunday, May 27
Travel south past Dead Sea; Negev; Beer Sheva;
Visit Tabernacle project; prayer for NAME peoples;
Visit Shepherds’ Field near Bethlehem;
In Jerusalem: Caiphas’ house; virtual Temple tour

Monday, May 28 – Thursday, May 31
Check out of Jerusalem hotel; travel to Qumran;
Drive north to Galilee through Jordan Valley, pass Gilgal & Jericho.
Check into Galilee hotel. Listening Retreat.  Prayerwalking.
Visit and pray over workers in various locations.
Boat ride on Sea of Galilee; Korazim, Capernaum;
Jezreel Valley & Mount of Precipice; Plains of Sharon,
Festival Ministry; Camp/Sports ministry at Baptist Village .

Friday, June 1
Return flight to Kentucky

*Airfare – The trip price includes airfare. However, ticket prices have been fluctuating. Should we find that airfare exceeds what we have projected, all who have made a deposit will be notified with the option of receiving a refund. Once tickets are confirmed, payments are non-refundable.
**Insurance includes medical and travel insurance.

TO APPLY FOR THIS TRIP: Email [email protected] and request an application form.  Questions: 502-489-3423 (office) or 502-321-2756 (cell). An application and deposit must be made by February 1.

Deposit schedule:
$800 with application
$1000 by Feb. 1, 2018   (Total to date: $1800)
$1000 by March 15, 2018   (Total to date: $2800)
$1000 by May 1, 2018   (Total to date: $3800)