EBO at Work in Baptism

Do you ever wish you knew more about the results of state missions and the Eliza Broadus Offering?  Ever wonder if your offering dollars make a difference?

I feel the same way at times. I know that our praying and giving is having an impact but there is nothing like seeing the results or receiving an email with a story about someone coming to faith through state missions. I received such an email just before Christmas.

The email included a link to a video of the baptism of a student from Japan at Murray First Baptist Church. Keith Inman, pastor and former Collegiate Ministry Director for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, was so excited to be baptizing this student.

In the video another international student read the testimony of the Japanese student who is studying ESL (English as Second Language) at Murray State University. The great thing about his testimony is the connection of international missions and state missions. The first Christian this student met was a missionary in Japan who did student work. He would hang out with the Japanese students, play Frisbee or cards, or visit coffee shops. After seeing how kind this Christian missionary was, the Japanese student became interested in his faith. The missionary shared stories from the Bible, explained who God is, and what makes Christianity different from other religions.

Then Tucker (American name that he chose) came to Murray to study. There he met students from the BCM (Baptist Campus Ministry) who befriended him and shared their faith. Over Thanksgiving break, Tucker went home with another student and began to realize that God had been orchestrating his life for many years. In the car, he believed that God is holy and that he was separated from God by his sin. In that moment he believed in what Jesus had done for him

Before baptizing Tucker, Keith asked everyone who was present who had any part of his journey to faith to stand, including things like giving him a ride to Walmart and subject of Jesus came us. Keith said, “You never know how God is going to use the faithfulness of His people to help a young man or a young woman to understand that God is at work.”

Thank you for your gifts to the Eliza Broadus Offering which provides funding for Baptist Campus Ministry and outreach to international students. You were a part of Tucker’s salvation story.

Focus on WMU will be observed in February. We are asking every WMU group to receive a Focus offering for EBO. The timing of the 2017 hurricanes impacted EBO giving, yet state missions needs go on. Your gift now will make an impact. Be sure to see the video from Dr. Paul Chitwood for Focus on WMU and EBO

And if you want to see the video of Tucker’s baptism and share it with others, it is available online and may be downloaded to share with others. The video will touch your heart and allow you to see EBO at work for yourself!


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Rise Up and Shine

Each year a new committee convenes to pray and discuss ideas for the state missions emphasis. Each committee works on a theme that will be used nearly two years after their initial meeting. Working this far in advance is necessary in order to research stories and prepare materials.

It is always fascinating to me to see how a particular emphasis fits the circumstances and needs at the time it is used. This is the result of prayer and God’s leadership in this process.

Our 2017 emphasis, Rise Up and Shine, focuses on Kentucky Baptist ministries to internationals. From college campuses to large cities, and in small communities and out of the way places like Oneida Baptist Institute, internationals have come to Kentucky to study, work, and make a life.

While we want to welcome these who have come, concerns about immigration and many related issues have been front page news. There are no easy answers to many of the associated problems. But scripture is clear: “For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great God, mighty and awesome, who shows no partiality and accepts no bribes. He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the foreigner residing among you, giving them food and clothing. And you are to love those who are foreigners, for you yourselves were foreigners in Egypt” (Deuteronomy 10:17-19 NIV).

In my Children in Action group, a retired missionary to Central Asia portrayed a refugee for the children, explaining why she needed to leave her homeland to protect her family from war. This missionary has lived where danger make people willing to risk everything to live in another country. We wanted the children to understand and care.

Nik Ripken, author of The Insanity of God and The Insanity of Obedience, poses a question that makes me uncomfortable: “What if the worst persecution today was having little or no access to Jesus. Am I a persecutor when I keep my faith to myself, only within the environment of the church?”

God is sending the nations to Kentucky. Watch the 2017 state missions video of Nik giving suggestions for how we can minister to internationals. It all begins with friendship, a meal, and some simple questions to show your interest.You will also want to read the article “Internationals in Your Community: Thoughts from The Insanity of Obedience by Nik Ripken.”

In this month of response to hurricanes, remember to support the Cooperative Program and the Eliza Broadus Offering first. Our channels of mission support put ministries like Disaster Relief in place before they are needed. Keep the foundation strong even as you give an extra offering for specific relief efforts. Let’s Rise Up and Shine!

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EBO at Work August 2017

As August comes to a close, we will close the books on the 2016 Eliza Broadus Offering. As of this writing (8/24/17), the offering stands at $1,212,880.36. Gifts will be received through August 31 for the 2016 offering. Thank you, Kentucky Baptists, for faithful giving.

The 2017 Rise Up and Shine materials were mailed in July and every church should now have their standing order of posters, prayer guides, and envelopes. Take note of the new envelope design which has the words State Missions Offering in a number of different languages used in Kentucky Baptist churches.

You may have noticed the copyright symbol ® used in connection with the words Eliza Broadus Offering and Eliza Broadus Offering for State Missions. Kentucky WMU began the annual Kentucky state missions Offering in 1913, named the offering for Eliza Broadus in 1976, and are the stewards of the offering to this day. We registered a trademark on the offering name because we understand the importance of this stewardship. In a day when materials can be easily copied and misappropriated, Kentucky WMU took this step as a protection for the name and use of the offering. Kentucky WMU will continue, as we have for many years, in a cooperative spirit to allocate the offering in consultation with the Kentucky Baptist Convention in order to enhance missions in Kentucky through the KBC, associations, affiliated ministries, and Kentucky WMU.

Missions Mobilization through the KBC is a prime area of ministry supported by EBO. Teresa Parrett is often the connector between needs and volunteers, between missionaries and resources. Teresa also works with persons that God is calling into missions to find their place of service. Just recently, Teresa joined us at Familyfest in Lebanon and was introduced to a lady with a heart for missions. When Teresa explained about Kentucky MSC and that she qualified to serve as a Kentucky missionary, tears came into her eyes. She told Teresa that she had wanted to serve in Africa as a missionary since she was a child, but life had taken a different turn. She told Teresa that her current ministry is now her Africa.

Teresa said “We hear this same story over and over, of how God calls people to serve many years earlier, and they are now finding their place in ministry. Many of them thought it would be international missions, but are finding out it is right here in Kentucky.”

Thanks to support from the Eliza Broadus Offering and the Cooperative Program, Teresa is helping to connect many volunteers with missions needs, helping Kentucky Baptists to Rise Up and Shine as we reach Kentucky and the world for Christ.

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BREAK bus painted!

It is always a time of rejoicing when we hear about how EBO funds have made a difference in ministries across Kentucky. We received this letter from Kentucky missionary Beth Arnold.

painted-bus-1September 19, 2016
Dear Joy,
I just wanted to let you know our newly painted BREAK bus has been going to schools the last two weeks. The students have been excited and so pleased to see “their” bus looking so shiny and pretty. After receiving the EBO grant money we were still $3,700 short for the quoted $10,000 for paint and labor. After saving for three years and getting much closer to our goal, an individual (the man actually painting the bus) personally donated $1,200, then the painting company wrote off $2,500 still needed. I really think the EBO grant money pushing us up in reach of the needed amount is what motivated the generous giving. Thank you!

The BREAK decals are not put on yet but have been promised to be provided free, including the labor for applying. We hope to do that soon when we have a few days that the bus is not being used.

painted-bus-2I have attached two pictures of the BREAK bus at Whitley North Elementary taken last week the first day after getting it from the painters. This school has a very high attendance for students (participating in BREAK Bus). Two of the classes have 100 percent of the students enrolled in school.  Many children are hearing the Gospel each month. 

The EBO video is really impacting our getting the word out about the ministry. I have been to three churches this month in our county to set up a BREAK display and answer questions after the video was shown. I am also getting calls from outside the Tri-Counties with questions how to start a Bible Release Time in their community. I’m sure I will continue to use the video in sharing about the ministry.  I appreciate so much the opportunities EBO has provided for BREAK and especially the encouragement from you and Teresa Parrett. 

Please drop by for class if you are ever in the area. 
With Praise and Thanksgiving to our Lord!  Beth

break-busIf you want to see a BREAK bus in action, join us for the Kentucky WMU Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting, March 31-April 1, 2017 in Corbin.

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Reaching International Students


An important ministry which receives funding from the Eliza Broadus Offering is our work with international students on Kentucky college and university campuses. The next International Student Conference will be Nov. 4-6 in Cave City and we have been asked to start praying for this outreach event now.

This conference is sponsored by the Kentucky Baptist Convention for the purpose of helping international students make new friends, celebrate culture, and learn about the Christian faith. Many nations will be represented in the demographics of those who attend. Many of these young people have never heard the gospel before, have never been invited into an American home, and have never been sought out by an American for friendship.

Here are the things that you can pray for:
1) pray that Jesus may be lifted up so that all may be drawn to Him.

2) pray that members from local churches across the state, who will be leading during the conference, may be filled in the Holy Spirit.

3) pray that specifically 10 international students may come to know Christ and may begin being discipled by a local church in their area.

4) pray that this may be a conference that is exciting and fun, gospel centered, and God glorifying.

Thank you for your gifts to the Eliza Broadus Offering which helps to make this and other ministries with international students possible. Give to EBO through your church or online.

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EBO stories make me smile

JoyThank you, Kentucky Baptists! You are people who just keep on giving! We share the state missions emphasis month after month, telling the stories and asking you to be generous. You respond with generosity and prayer support.

On August 31 we will close the books on an offering year and start all over on September 1. Some might wonder if we will ever get done. As long as there are people who have not accepted Jesus as Savior, we will keep sharing the Heart of the Story across our state. Here are some stories received this year.

Ben showed up at Hope House straight from prison. He came to know Jesus as Savior while in jail and came to get help with employment. Jobs are a real challenge for those with felony records, but Ben knew that Jesus wanted to do something great with his life and was one of the best students in the Jobs for Life program there. Now he is working at the Hope House warehouse and has a goal of becoming a drug and alcohol counselor. EBO had a part though a $2,000 grant this year.

Tommie was estranged from family, addicted to drugs, and homeless. He went to the Louisville Rescue Mission seeking services and hope. A volunteer built a relationship with Tommie and encouraged him to enter LifeChange. Today he has moved home, reconciled with family, gotten married and has a vision for starting his own business. EBO had a part through a $4,000 grant this year.

After speaking for Lincoln Association WMU a few weeks ago, I was invited to stop by the Unto Me Home in Stanford which opened in August 2015. Perry, the house coordinator, told me the story of how God had worked in his life through the ministry which provides shelter for people who are homeless. He now builds relationships with those who come seeking help and has a special understanding of their needs because he was once homeless, too.  Perry has reconnected with his wife and they have both grown spiritually. Since the Unto Me Home opened, there have been 70 people come through and 13 have professed Christ as Savior. Many have found employment and permanent housing. EBO had a part through a $1,000 grant this year.

Stories like this make me smile as I think of the impact of your faithful giving as God blesses EBO and uses it  for His glory and to proclaim the gospel. A new offering year will begin soon with the theme Be Ready – Live Ready. Are you ready?


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Plan now for sharp missions focus


By Wanda Walker

Fall is a great time to initiate new and innovative approaches to missions education and action, and this fall marks the launch of WMU’s new emphasis, By All Means, which explores that idea more fully. As the new church year approaches, why not consider one or more of the following projects or promotions?

  • Have a reception to honor the memory of Eliza Broadus. Have a display highlighting the life of our state missions leader.
  • Hold a church-wide WorldCrafts party to support people groups our International Mission Board missionaries serve alongside. The WorldCrafts event planner is a great free resource for hosting a successful event.
  • Remind your church that Global Hunger Sunday is Oct. 9 by using the resources online. You could also host a 7-Cent World Hunger Dinner. Email me for the details at [email protected].
  • Women on Mission and/or Acteens could volunteer child care services for select Sunday mornings to give the regular child care workers an opportunity to attend a worship service.
  • Host a church staff breakfast during Clergy Appreciation Month in October. Give the staff a gift that will be a daily reminder of WMU and its age-level organizations. Girls or Children in Action could bake goodies, make cards or a craft. Ask your music minister for time on one Sunday for Mission Friends to share a song for church staff.
  • On Baptist Women’s World Day of Prayer, Nov. 7, have a location in your church available for 24 hours of intercession. Create stations for prayer using the guide produced by the women’s department of the Baptist World Alliance.
  • Leave surprise packages on the doorstep of someone you know who may have a need but might not be comfortable asking for help.
  • Co-sponsor an event with other groups in the church, such as Sunday school, women’s ministry, or activities/recreation. Do something with a missions flair.

If you have ideas or questions about promoting missions and missions education in your church, especially among adults, please contact me by email or by phone at 502-489-3453 or 866-489-3453 (toll-free in KY).

Wanda Walker is churchwide/adult consultant for Kentucky WMU.

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EBO at Work through Summer Ministries

The heart of God is at the center of all we do in missions. “For God so loved the world…” is such a familiar verse that we can quote it without even thinking about what it means. Yet, it is the heart of the story of missions and why we learn, pray, give, go, and send.

As you read this column, summer ministries with children and families are taking place across Kentucky to share the love of Jesus and EBO is at work to help. Let me mention just a few.

MAC school suppliesAmy Wilhelmus, director of the Moore Activity Center (MAC) in Covington uses EBO funds to provide meals, snacks, crafts, recreation equipment, and Bible materials for ministries with children and youth. Her accountability form for last year’s grant included the story of Susan, grandmother to some of the kids who come to MAC. On her deathbed Susan said, “Amy, please make sure my grandkids keep coming to the MAC once I pass away.” This grandmother had no doubt that God was using MAC for the good of her grandchildren. Praise the Lord that the grandfather is still bringing the children, allowing MAC to continue ministry to the family.  www.facebook.com/MooreActivityCenter.

IMG_3355This week students in Little River Baptist Association are engaged in community service through Camp Cadiz.  EBO funds are assisting with the purchase of materials for home repairs, food, water, VBS materials, and other supplies. Last year the students completed 105 projects in 76 locations. Over 250 vehicles were washed or had their windows cleaned. Youth passed out over 150 bottles of cold water as well as hundreds of cookies in the name of Jesus. And they cooked meals for over 25 elderly and shut-in persons. Each day students participated in morning devotions and evening worship services. Four students accepted Christ and several dedicated their lives to Christian service.

Operation Love In Action 5During the week of July 11-15, Christian County Baptist Association will reach out to their community through Operation Love in Action, a mission trip at home. During the week EBO will help with expenses for Back Yard Bible Clubs, block parties, construction projects, sports camp, and other outreach ministries. Last year over 200 people were involved in this effort.

EBO is at work all summer long and gifts to the offering are received all year! Pray for these and many other summer ministries. Give now at www.kywmu.org/ebo.

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EBO gifts at work this summer

Summer is upon us with all of the wonderful ways that Kentucky WMU involves children and students (youth) in missions.

Mission Adventure for Kentucky Kids will take place June 16-18 in Richmond and June 23-25 in Bowling Green. Red House Baptist Church will host in Richmond and Calvary Baptist Church in Bowling Green. Each three day mission trip includes prayer walking, worship, Bible study, mission projects and Kentucky Kid fun! Ministries include sorting, organizing donations of food and clothing, home meals delivery to the homebound, games with children at a shelter, making cookies for international students, and more.

Equipment TrailerKentucky Changers
will do home repairs for low-income home owners in Hopkinsville (June 11-17), Calloway County (June 18-24), Greensburg (July 2-8), and Frankfort (July 9-12).  Building on the 2016 theme, “Stay Connected to the Source,” students will be challenged through nightly worship to stay connected to Jesus in all of life. Volunteers of all ages assist with teaching construction skills, supervising projects, cooking, checking out tools, and many other tasks to support the students as they serve.

Overnights for Mothers and Daughters and Girls in Action will take place at Cedarmore (July 1-2) and Jonathan Creek (July 8-9). Participants will meet a missionary and enjoy summer fun while they learn. Acteens Quest, our newest overnight, will be held at Jonathan Creek (July 8-9) followed by a state Acteens Activators Team trip (July 11-17) to New Orleans to work at the Baptist Friendship Center.  Acteens Leaders are invited to their own event, Acteens Quest for Leaders, August 5-6 at Liberty Baptist Church, Campbellsville. This will be a time for leaders to get acquainted and share ideas.

Camp Courage, a campout for boys will be July 29-30 at Laurel Lake Baptist Camp in Corbin. Boys will participate in a variety of outdoor activities while learning about missions.

We are most excited to report on the completion of a new Kentucky WMU storage facility at Cedarmore. With the addition of Kentucky Changers to the WMU family, the need for adequate storage of all the required equipment was huge. We are grateful to Mercer Baptist Association for the use of their storage building for the past two years. We also appreciate the partnership with Crossings who allowed us to construct a building at Cedarmore.

Whether supporting summer activities led by Kentucky missionaries, helping with WMU sponsored ministries, or funding outreach by church planters, EBO is at work all summer long!

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Tote Bag Sunday

ToteBagSunday-page-001Newsletters from association and church WMU groups always bring a smile. I so enjoy seeing the creativity and commitment to missions. A recent newsletter from Christian County Association WMU announced “Toilet Paper in a Tote Bag Sunday” and invites all of the churches to collect donations of toilet paper and tote bags to be distributed at Impact Ministries for families in need.

What is more basic than toilet paper (and milk when it snows!)? Filling a tote bag with toilet paper on February 14 for Focus on WMU is a great way to involved many people in a local ministry. This collection meets a real need and will be distributed by Kentucky missionary Arlene Miller and volunteers as they share Christ with people who come for assistance.  I can’t wait to hear how many rolls and the number of tote bags that are collected.

What local ministry can your WMU help during Focus on WMU.  However, don’t just collect – go visit the ministry! Spend some time there.  Help with the work.  Meet people who benefit from the ministry. Share Jesus with someone!

When you go to the ministry site, take pictures of your visit and share these at your church as soon as possible.  Plan another project and enlist more people to be involved!  Let your church know how their donations are being used. Share testimonies of what it meant to be there.

As you observe Focus on WMU, this is also a great time to receive the Eliza Broadus Offering, especially in your Women on Mission and other WMU groups.  EBO helps Kentucky WMU do our work, especially with children and students, providing funds which allow us to keep fees low for events. Receiving the Eliza Broadus Offering at this time is a great way to show your support for Kentucky WMU as well as missions across Kentucky.  EBO gifts may be sent to Kentucky WMU, 13420 Eastpoint Centre Drive, Louisville, KY  40223.  Notate on check: EBO.

Let me hear from you! What is your church doing this year to Focus on WMU?



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