Buckets of Hope

Kentucky Baptists are joining a nationwide effort through Baptist Global Response to provide food buckets for Haiti.  By filling a 5-gallon bucket with specified items, we can help feed hungry families in the name of Jesus.  The cost of each bucket is approximately $30 plus a $10 donation to help with shipping costs.

All of the project details are listed on the Kentucky Baptist Convention Buckets of Hope for Haiti web page: http://www.kybaptist.org/kbc.nsf/pages/haiti-buckets.html. The web page includes a specific list of items and packing instructions.  There is even a video to show you how to pack the bucket and get everything in it!  Contact information for each association is also included on the web site.

Please follow the exact packing list provided on the web site.  We have learned that buckets may be any color, but the items in the buckets must be exact. The buckets must be completed and delivered to your Baptist Association collection point by March 4, 2010.  From there, they will be transported to Miami, Florida, where they will be packed in cargo containers and shipped to Haiti.  Each bucket will be labeled as a “Bucket of Hope,” indicating that the bucket is is a gift of Christian love and support from Southern Baptists.  A gospel tract will be added to each bucket before shipment to Haiti.

The food items can be generic, store brand items.  Once the food supplies are used, the Haitians will find multiple everyday uses for the bucket.  Please do not substitute any item listed and do not add anything additional inside the bucket.

We have participated in sending coats and food boxes to Korea, buckets of home health care supplies to Africa, and now buckets of food for Haiti.  Such tangible expressions of God’s love open doors for a gospel witness.  This is short notice and a quick deadline, but the need is urgent.  Many Kentucky Baptists have wanted a hands on way to be of help, and Buckets of Hope is a project that individuals and churches can do.

Contact your association for the collection point in your area and pack a Bucket of Hope today.

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