Reflections on the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force Report

I was privileged to attend the presentation of a Great Commission Resurgence (GCR) Task Force Progress Report by Dr. Ronnie Floyd.  The GCR report was presented at the SBC Executive Committee meeting and it is the subject of much conversation, twittering, emails, blogs, and so on.  

One of the things that I greatly appreciate about the GCR Task Force is the way that they are communicating their findings and vision quickly to everyone who is interested.  You can view a video of Dr. Floyd presenting the report and download a copy at  Most importantly, you can sign up to pray for a Great Commission Resurgence and for the Task Force.  Over 6,000 people have committed to pray.

I wanted to attend the presentation for several reasons.  First, I am serving on the Kentucky Great Commission Task Force and wanted to hear the tone and the content of the report from the national task force.  Secondly, a number of WMU leaders attended because we know that WMU has always been about the Great Commission.  We know that there will be implications for our work.

One of the significant changes will be in NAMB’s primary assignment and in what we call Cooperative Agreements with the states.  The phase out of these agreements and funding will mean change for many state conventions, especially in new work states.  But the increased focus on planting churches in the parts of our country that are least reached with the gospel has great potential.  

Another recommendation is to free the IMB to work with unreached people groups wherever they are found, regardless of geography.  That means that some work to engage unreached people groups may take place in the United States when there are pockets of these folks right here.

Another recommendation is to both promote the Cooperative Program as our primary channel of support for SBC missions, yet at the same time affirm all Great Commission giving of our churches.  Gifts to CP, missions offerings, associations, and other designated missions giving would be included in the reports of total Great Commission giving.  This, too, will encourage giving through all channels of SBC missions support chosen by our churches.

The GCR Task Force Progress Report is one that every Southern Baptist needs to read.  Much prayer and thought and hours of work have taken place.  It is a progress report and the final report will be released on Monday, May 3rd.  This Task Force needs our prayers as they hear reactions to the Progress Report and entities begin to think through the implications and how best to proceed.  I urge you to sign up to be GCR prayer partner.

I also encourage you to sign up to receive the Kentucky Great Commission blog by email.  The Kentucky blog provides great information about Kentucky missions and includes progress reports of both the national and Kentucky Great Commission Task Force.

Above all, pray for a Great Commission Resurgence.  Like a spiritual awakening, it will be longed for and prayed for before it will become reality (Preparing for a Great Commission Resurgence).  May it begin with me.

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