East Africa Baptist Women’s Union – Day 3

The final day of the East African Baptist Women’s Union took place today (Friday, December 17).  The patience and eagerness of these ladies is tremendous.

Today’s program began with worship through music and dancing.  Our first speaker addressed the use of resources.  She reminded us that resources include more than money.  Whether it is a skill, our time, our homes, or whatever we have, our resources are to be dedicated to the Lord.  Everything is a gift from God.  We should use them in the attitude of gratitude, and be sure to tithe all of our resources.

The women were then invited to offer testimonies of what the conference meant to them.  Many shared testimonies of how God provided for them to come.   Many had no money and saw God provide their travel and conference registration fee.  There were stories of God’s divine intervention in their lives and testimonies of new friendships between the women of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

After a break, the closing ceremonies began and continued through the afternoon.  Instead of having lunch at the normal time, the ladies decided to continue on with program and their recognitions of all the people who had made the meeting possible.  Without a doubt, they were thrilled that this East African Baptist Women’s Union meeting was held in Tanzania for the first time.  They are committed to reaching out to the other countries that are included in the East Africa region and are planning another meeting for next year.

The President of the Tanzanian Baptist Convention was present for the entire day.  He brought greetings as well as a closing message.  We concluded about 4 p.m. and had lunch.  There was never a complaint and the women continued to give testimonies of how important the meeting had been to them.  An offering for the East Africa Baptist Women’s Union was received and reported in four currencies! 

Over and over, Kentucky WMU was thanked for our part in encouraging the Tanzanian women.  Our investment in our Baptist sisters in Tanzania over three years has resulted in a group that is growing.  And now that Tanzania Baptist Women’s Union has hosted the East Africa Regional meeting, they now have contacts in their area and a new vision for working together.   This is WMU at our best!

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