KBC Reorganization and Kentucky WMU

Many people are asking – Does the KBC reorganization affect Kentucky WMU?  The answer is yes and no.  Yes, we are affected as people that we have worked with in different roles will change.  No, in that we are an auxiliary to the KBC and as such, determine our own staff and finances.

As an auxiliary to the Kentucky Baptist Convention, our role has always been that of “helper” to the convention and to Kentucky Baptist Churches. So who we help and the missions priorities to be pursued will change in the months ahead, but our role as helper will continue.

Kentucky WMU will also continue to challenge Kentucky Baptists to be radically involved in the mission of God.  We will continue to equip believers to respond to God’s call.   And we will be partners in fulfilling the Great Commission.

WMU has six objectives which guide our work.  The objectives are our priorities and we set goals, plan events, and utilize our resources in fulfilling these objectives.  While the WMU objectives are familiar to many, it is vital that we revisit them often.  Everything we do in WMU should help us achieve one or more of these objectives:
– Pray for missions.
– Engage in mission action and witnessing.
– Learn about missions.
– Support missions.
– Develop spiritually towards a missions life-style.
– Participate in the work of the church and denomination.

Kentucky WMU will continue to partner with the KBC and all Kentucky Baptists to achieve these objectives.  We are grateful for Cooperative Program support that allows us to have a top-notch missions education staff and for the Eliza Broadus Offering which helps us provide missions materials, events and resources.  Above all, Kentucky WMU distributes Eliza Broadus Offering funds for Kentucky state missions through the KBC, as well as grants to Kentucky Baptist Associations, and a host of ministries across our state.  Here are some thank you notes recently received:
From Pauline White, MSC Missionary, Shepherd’s Pantry, Lynch, Kentucky:
“We were able to purchase 240 of the Outreach Bibles. We are working with the people who have received John/Romans and if they have need and are interested are giving a Bible. We expect to give out all before 2013.  Thank you.”
From Irvine Baptist Association:
“The $500 grant was given to East Bernstadt Baptist Church for tornado relief. The tornado tore through the community, destroying several homes,  and killed several people. East Bernstadt Baptist Church along with Laurel River and Irvine Baptist Association are helping the survivors.”
From the Food Pantry of Blackford-Breckinridge Baptist Associations:
“Our food pantry serves the community and in 2011 averaged serving 70 families a month…With your donation were able to purchase a freezer, eight cases of Bibles, and food items.”
From REACH of Northern Kentucky: “Just received our grant notification. Can you hear our hearts singing ‘O Happy Day’?”
From Haven of Hope Pregnancy Services:
“The EBO grant was used to purchase Spanish Bibles for Spanish-speaking clients, literature for new moms and dads, abstinence literature, and curriculum for moms about parenting.”

As is true of all KBC related work, including allocations to the KBC agencies and institutions (such as Sunrise, Oneida, our Baptist colleges, and Crossings), Cooperative Program funding to Kentucky WMU was decreased this year and will decline again in 2012-13 as we increase the funds going for missions beyond Kentucky.  At the same time, we have increased the EBO allocations for missions through the KBC.  Please keep us in your prayers as we are careful stewards of the resources entrusted to Kentucky WMU.  Wise management across the years has allowed us to continue our work in spite of budget cuts.  Continued diligence and reliance on the Lord will be required in the days ahead.

Your gifts to the Cooperative Program, Eliza Broadus Offering, and the Kentucky WMU Heritage Fund are all ways that you can support the work of Kentucky WMU and help us keep the vital missions objective of WMU as our top priority.

Learn more about the KBC Reorganization at www.kybaptist.org/relaunch

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4 thoughts on “KBC Reorganization and Kentucky WMU

  1. I am sure I speak for Eileen Mullins and the Haven of Rest organization when I say we are grateful for the many years of support we have received from the Eliza Broadus Offering Funds from Kentucky WMU.

  2. Joy, I am so grateful to again receive the EBO grant this year for our ministry here in Corbin. I have been blessed to receive this grant for the past four years and am so very grateful. As a MSC Missionary, you know that we are self-funded and depend on grants and donations to help fund our mission work. God has really blessed our ministry the past three years and opened so many doors to share through our clown/creative ministries as well as the “Dolls on Mission” witnessing dolls. We use every penny to purchase supplies and materials, mail out dolls all over the U.S. (and abroad) as well as for evangelism materials and resources such as tracts, bibles, clowning supplies, etc. It also helps us get to all of the project sites we work at each summer. PRAISE GOD FOR WMU AND EBO FUNDING!!!
    Love & prayers, Robin

  3. Kentucky WMU,
    Praise God for the $500 given to each association from EBO. This money will help fund essential materials for the Hispanic work in Central Association which is growing through the efforts of Ernesto Font (Bluegrass Coop Pastor) and Job Juaraz (NAMB missionary). Kentucky Baptists are blessed to have strong leadership at the KBC and WMU seeking God’s vision and will for His Kingdom work. This is truly a time to be proud of our Baptist heritage-past, present, and future.

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