An AWEsome Tina story

Tina Nicely, a recent member of the Kentucky WMU Executive Board, sent me this story via Facebook while our Board was meeting in October.  Tina really missed being with us (she rotated off this year), but was thinking of us during the meeting.  Tina went with our WMU team to Malawi in July and that’s part of her story which I am sharing here.  (Note: I edited some of Tina’s sentences so that you would have the complete context. She knew that I would know what she meant but I’ve filled in a bit to help other readers.)

Joy, just wanted to share an AWEsome story with you and feel free to share with the Board or whomever.  I met a lady today during chemo and we hit it off as soon as she came in.  I was crocheting and she said she’d love to learn how.  I told her that as soon as she got settled with her mother-in-law, I’d show her how. 
Well, we started and of course, I shared how wonderful God is for allowing me to go to Africa.  I shared a lot about it and teaching the ladies how to crochet.  She asked what kind of church do you go to that does that kind of stuff.  I shared all about KY WMU and how any church could get involved, and that we are all about DOING the Great Commission.
Well, come to find out she was raised Catholic and never felt like she connected. She is now a new believer as of 2 months ago.  She goes to one of the biggest SBC churches in [her county] and is not really impressed with their ladies meetings.  (Hey, hey, hey – now you have my full attention!)  She is a take charge kind of person who started her own …. company. She was the only girl and had 5 younger brothers. She lost one about like I did.
This lady said I’m too busy to sit and listen to stories that even lost women will do if they have the time.  So OUT comes my little handy dandy Missions Mosaic.  She was blown away.
I’ve never realized how much even I take for granted God’s SOVEREIGN plan for WMU.  She loves Prayer Patterns and ALL the AMAZING stories……..So, while we were praying for the Kentucky WMU Executive Board meeting today, God was working on her heart and was showing her that she can start her own WMU group –  praying for missionaries, planning missions activities, giving to missions and being a missionary.  And so, as soon as she talks with some of her other newer believers, we are going to start meeting at [her church] once a month.   She was so funny.  She said we could all sit around and talk about OUR trials ever since Adam didn’t own up to being the husband he was supposed to be and allowed Eve to sin, but we need to be sharing the gospel not seeing who has the biggest and worst trial.  Loved it. 
Praying for you guys. Give everybody a big kiss from me.

We hear stories like this all the time when people who have never seen WMU resources are introduced to what we do and the great materials available.  Tina is an ambassador for the Lord and also for WMU.  In this midst of her trials, she has been an effervescent witness for the Lord.  May her tribe increase!

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