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The monthly Prayer Calendar in Missions Mosaic lists international missionaries by people group rather than by country.  On the one hand, it is more difficult to now learn geography through the prayer calendar as I did growing up.  When we prayed for missionaries in GAs, we always had to find the countries of the missionaries before praying!  On the other hand, as we pray for international missionaries by the people groups, we are likely praying for people not only in the countries of origin, but also for work all over the world.  People migrate to different countries for many reasons and our missionaries seek ways to share the gospel with their people groups wherever they are found.


One of the abbreviations on the prayer calendar is NAME which stands for North African and Middle Eastern peoples.  As the abbreviation denotes, these are people who live in or are from countries in North African or the Middle East.  Kentucky WMU has committed to pray for NAME peoples.  Due to security, we cannot name our missionaries or the places where they serve, but know that there are folks with Kentucky ties sharing Christ with NAME peoples.


At our 2013 Kentucky WMU Annual Meeting we were blessed to have “Nik & Ruth Ripken” with us.  Many were challenged to pray for NAME peoples and signed up to receive NAME prayer requests.  That list is still open to others.  We also post NAME prayer requests that have been cleared for security.  Learn more about our NAME prayer commitment and how to get involved at


You can pray for NAME peoples by the names of the people groups. Here are a few of the open NAME prayer requests for July:


ARAB PEOPLES OF CENTRAL UNITED KINGDOM – “Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again” (Ecclesiastes 11:1). Unlikely waters may cover fruitful soil. Pray that the Bread of life, the Word that has been cast upon the lives of many women and children of Arab decent, will come to fruitfulness by seeing extended families come to faith in Jesus.


DRUZE OF THE LEVANT (drooz) – Visiting believers will be coming to a village to help teach English and phonics, and to host a teachers’ clinic as well as a kids’ camp. Pray that each class will lead to new relationships and visits and, therefore, many opportunities to share the Good News. Specifically ask God to reveal a “person of peace” (Luke 10:6), one who will gladly accept the Son and be obedient to take the Good News to his family, friends and, ultimately, the world.


NORTHERN AFRICAN AND MIDDLE EASTERN UNENGAGED PEOPLES – The people groups of North Africa are Muslim and are unreached–all but one. Most of these unreached groups are also unengaged, meaning that there is no known work proclaiming Jesus among them. The Kabyle Berbers are considered to be “reached,” because 2 percent of their population has heard the Good News and has chosen to follow the Son. Pray for a spiritual grassroots movement that will spread like wildfire with the wind of the Holy Spirit throughout all these people groups. Thank God for those individuals who have already believed! Thank Him for those who already have a burden to reach their friends, family, and neighbors with the Good News that salvation is free and does not have to be earned, for example, by ritual fasting during Ramadan. So, in the interest of 98 percent of Kabyle Berbers and all the other people groups of North Africa who have either not heard or not believed the Good News, pray that they will have dreams and visions of Jesus, the One who provides payment for their debt to God and reconciles that relationship, and who removes their shame and restores their honor. For the Kabyle Berbers and other believers, pray that they will be called to go to their fellow Muslim people groups in North Africa to share during this month of Ramadan. To God be the glory!


TUNISIAN ARABS OF SOUTHERN TUNISIA (too-NEE-zhan) – A new believer is growing in his faith and has shared with a few friends. He also asked his mother about Jesus. “Do you know of any mistakes that He has made, Mom?” She thought for a while and said, “No, I don’t.” He said, “Then I think I will follow Him.” His mother accepted this idea and is interested in talking more about it. Pray for other believers to have the same boldness and sincerity in sharing the Gospel with friends and family members.


SHAWIYA BERBERS OF NORTHERN AFRICA AND EUROPE (sha-WEE-yah BER-bers) – As Shawiya Berbers move into Europe, they join the masses seeking to blend into society, so many will cloak their true identity. Trying hard to fit in, they become discouraged when the result is marginalization, a common occurrence for immigrants in Europe. Work is hard to find, and many are left in desperate need both physically and spiritually. During this month, they will seek God as they fast during Ramadan. Pray that they will cry out to God and say, “You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living” and will truly believe with all of their hearts that He is all they really need in life. May God set Shawiya Berbers free from their “prison” so that they may praise His name (Psalm 142:5-7).


Many more open requests are posted on our web site.  There are also instructions for requesting to join the prayer network which receives the secure requests.  Join us as we pray for NAME by the names of the people groups!

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