Focus on WMU and EBO

SMALLState Missions graphic 2013Since 2007 Kentucky Baptist gifts to the Eliza Broadus Offering have been amazing. That offering year we exceeded the million dollar mark and have never looked back! In response to the great needs across our state and your generous giving, we kept raising the goal so that we could do more for Kentucky missions.  More Than Ever, Jesus calls us to pray for laborers in the harvest, pray for the lost to hear the gospel, and give to provide missions ministries. More Than Ever we each need to be personally involved in ministry and telling people about Jesus.

While our state missions emphasis is held each September, gifts to the Eliza Broadus Offering are received all year.  We are grateful for the contributions that come in each month.  Any time you would like to know how we are doing in reaching our goal for the year, just go to  There you will find the current year graphic that changes from grayscale to color to represent our progress towards the goal.

The Eliza Broadus Offering funds missions across our state through the Kentucky Baptist Convention, by grants to Kentucky Baptist Associations and Special Ministries, and through the work of Kentucky WMU in missions education.

The Special Ministries portion of the offering provides grants of $500 to each of our 70 Baptist associations ($35,000) as well as grants to various ministries that apply directly to Kentucky WMU.  Last week our Executive Committee approved grants totaling $95,000 to ninety different ministries. Letters and checks to these ministries will go out in the next few weeks.

The Eliza Broadus Offering helps Kentucky WMU provide missions education resources and events including things like RAMCON, GA JAM, camps, overnights, retreats, and much more. The impact of missions education in the lives of children lasts a lifetime! Who knows what will happen in the future of Kentucky missions because we touched the lives of children today!

Because the Eliza Broadus Offering is sponsored by Kentucky WMU, make EBO a part of your Focus on WMU observance. If you take an offering among WMU members during Focus, give it through the Eliza Broadus Offering to support Kentucky missions as well as Kentucky WMU ministries.

If you have not shown the More Than Ever DVD, Focus on WMU is a wonderful time to have a state missions emphasis. Contact Kentucky WMU for copies of the DVD, additional prayer guides and offering envelopes. All videos and print materials are also available online at

Gifts for the 2013-14 Eliza Broadus Offering will be received through August 31, 2014. Please make checks payable to the Kentucky Baptist Convention, notate EBO on the check, and mail to Kentucky WMU, PO Box 436569, Louisville, KY  40253-6569.

As Kentucky WMU members,  let’s do More Than Ever to reach the $1,250,000 goal for state missions.

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