Bless the Rest

Summerville Baptist Church has as its emphasis this year to “Bless the Rest.” Drawn from God’s promise to Abraham that he would be blessed to be a blessing, our pastor has been preaching about ways that we as a congregation can be a blessing to our community.

Over the weekend, I visited a friend in the nursing home. Her mobility is limited and she needs a good bit of care. Yet in our conversation I encouraged her to consider how she could be a blessing to the staff and other residents. This was a surprise to her. I explained that I worked my way through seminary in a nursing home as a nurse’s aide. There were patients who were difficult and there were those that blessed me. I wanted her to be one who was a blessing.

How can we bless the rest in this kind of situation? Remember that the staff includes many people. Administrators, secretaries, financial officers, dietary staff, nurses, nurses’ aides, physical therapists, activities directors, housekeeping staff, maintenance personnel, and others work in the nursing home. There are also volunteers who do a variety of tasks.

As a patient, it would be easy to be think “These people are here to serve me.” While that is true, such an attitude will not enhance relationships. The attitude, “Things are difficult for me right now, but I want to bless the rest,” will go a long way.

Whether you are the patient or a family member, you can bless the rest. When staff come to clean, deliver a meal, give medicine, or provide another service, be sure to thank them. Ask about their families. If they seem tired, take note and try to encourage them just by caring.  If you are a family member, bring treats from time to time. Leave appreciation notes.

As a patient or family member, pray for those who serve. Ask them about prayer requests and tell them that you are praying for them. If possible, pray for them right on the spot. Speak often about your faith and how the Lord sustains you in difficult times. Share the gospel. Leave gospel tracts in the room.

Yes, no matter the circumstances, we can bless the rest. These suggestions for blessing others at a nursing home can be applied in many other situations. As a parent or student, you can bless the teachers and staff at school. You can bless the rest at work. You can bless the rest by being a good neighbor. The list goes on.

Let’s bless the rest!

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